by MoonLasso

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released August 2, 2014



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MoonLasso Florida

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Track Name: Sister Sinks
we're losing light, but I'd still follow you
through the forest, barefoot, dogs crying
I'd race to you the light but I'd lose,
lose myself
I won't lose,
lose myself to you

you'll find my folded into your things,
your things

was your mother like me?
pulling you somewhere you didn't want to be?
did you love her like me?
pulling you somewhere, pulling you under?

I was the coldest, the constant, the flood
taking the moment to see what I was
each love is only the scent of it's words
I was the careless, got caught in the woods

stop the sun and let me, let me keep him in my head
first light and I'll let go of hands that seek the warmth
I find I fear the cold at night
I find I fear I'm cold at night
Track Name: Skies All Around
Momma said don't leave the light before you go outside
but I keep bearing all the cold on my shoulders, I won't grow up right
and all the weight and all the world arrest alone, way up high
and I keep staring at the clouds and thinking that you won't go by
but I can see the weight up here
but I can keep a light up here

I keep the salt on my wounds to remind me to feel you
I feed these irrational fears like I could forget you
Track Name: Vibrasonics
electric currents, vibrasonics in my skin
these bodies beating, but i'm just breathing you in
your salt on my back
these souls don't hold back
we left it all under the black top,
we left it all under the light stained porch

I won't keep you away

you put the beat back in me
static energy
and I'll keep dancing it out if you keep coming around
you put the beat back in me
static energy
and I'll keep breaking it down if you keep coming around

I won't send you away